A primer to laser eye surgery


Laser eye surgery helps rectify a number of eye problem related to vision. It also help one get rid of spectacles and contact lenses. Before undergoing an eye laser surgery the feasibility of operation is determined by the surgeon, who takes into account medical history and present health of the patient. The most popular form of such surgery is LASIK which has a very high success rate. PRK (Photo Refractive Keratectomy) is another type of laser eye surgery for people with a thin cornea. PresbyLASIK is a type of LASIK which is used to treat bifocal disorders.

The basic difference between all of the above procedures is that in the way the outer layer of eye is removed to reshape the cornea. While LASIK requires a part of the upper layer to be cut and folded back, PRK cuts a very small part of it to perform the procedure. It is actually up to the doctor to determine which type of surgery one requires. The other point one needs to keep in mind is that the cost associated with eye laser surgery varies according to a number of factors and the type of surgery is only one of them and there are no major difference in costs associated in these two types of surgeries.

One should always look into the experience and credentials of the surgeon before choosing one to ensure that the chances of complications are reduced both during and after the procedure.


Wonders of Lasik Laser

Eyes are undeniably the most important sensory organ of the human body. Almost every little act of ours depends on our eyes be it driving, working on computer, watching television, reading, photography, painting and so forth. This makes it all the more important for us to take proper care of our eyes, so that we can explore the beauty of this world as well as keep up with our routine tasks in the best way possible.

Any eye condition can act as a huge impediment in any human’s life, hindering all these processes and the proper functioning of our entire body as well. This is why modern science has come up with some excellent ways like Laser Eye Surgery Sydney that can help us by solving many of the problems related to our eyes in a great manner.

 lasik eye surgery

Perfect Vision offers a wide range of reliable and effective laser treatments. LASIK™ is one such treatment that is offered at this eye care centre which combines the ground-breaking technology of LASIK with 3-D mapping, accurate measurement and two computer-guided lasers – with the aim of giving you that crystal clear vision.

In essence, the iLASIK™ procedure performed here is absolutely personalized and it aims to provide the patients an excellent visibility owing to the extensive research and technical expertise that has been put into developing this amazing procedure.

So, if you wish to get rid of your eye problem then consult Perfect Vision for an effective Lasik Eye Surgery procedure. Getting the right vision and being able to witness the beauty of the world is not that difficult after all!