Vitreolysis treatment for eye floaters

Do you ever see some dark tiny spots or squiggly lines floating in front of your eyes? You might have found yourself washing your eyes to get rid of the fuzz, but to no avail. And no amount of rubbing or wiping of eyes would solve the problem. If something of this sort has ever happened to you, then chances are that you might have developed a common eye condition called eye floaters. Although this condition may or may not be harmful, but you would be much better off consulting an eye specialist who would do a thorough checkup of your eyes and advise you necessary treatment.

Floaters usually prove to be a bit of an annoying problem as it can easily distract the person suffering from the condition. These black or grey colored obstructions can easily become from bad to worse if ignored for a long period of time. Fortunately, there are a few advanced treatments available these days which can treat the condition and remove these floaters from your vision once and forever.

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One of the most effective treatments on offer is laser vitreolysis. The procedure involves laser shots which specifically target these fuzzy spots obstructing the vision of a person. These lasers target the vitreous jelly present inside the eye ball, a region which gives rise to these obstructions. These lasers break up the small depositions of condensed vitreous jelly which is considered to be the reason behind the development of floaters of the eye. The duration of the treatment would depend on the severity of the problem.

Just make sure that you get the treatment from a reputed eye specialist.