What is laser eye surgery

A lot of people around the world are opting for laser surgery for eye these days. In case, you also want to join this growing brigade but do not know what exactly this surgery is all about, then you have come to the right place. Through this short article, you will come to know a bit about this revolutionary treatment that has helped millions of people restore their normal vision in just a matter of minutes.
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It is a medical procedure which involves the use of laser specifically for the purpose of reshaping the surface of the eye. This type of procedure when performed proves very effective for the treatment of myopia (short sightedness), hypermetropia (long-sightedness) and astigmatism (a condition that makes the curvature of the eye surface uneven). The surgery was first performed more than two decades ago. Since then, the surgery has come a long way, thanks to the advancements made in the technology and tools used during the procedure.
In this laser surgery for eye, a computer controlled excimer laser is used to wipe off microscopic amounts of tissues that develop over the cornea. Cornea, which is a transparent tissue, is the one that helps us better control our focus. Through this surgery, the cornea restores its normal condition and helps the person to view things clearly without the help of glasses or artificial lenses.  There are different types of laser eye surgeries, however. Which amongst them would best fit you would be decided by your eye surgeon after examination of your eyes.


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