What do You Understand by Eye Floaters

what are floaters

Eyes are very delicate and tend to change when a person ages. Therefore, it is pertinent that you book a site test when you notice something unusual with the eye. As people age, they become more susceptible to eye floaters. Most people often wonder what are floaters. A medical condition related to the eye where you may see black strands or little black dots occurring in the vitreous jelly of the eye. Vitreous jelly is located between the lens and the retina.

Floaters in the eye are small particles or debris that cast shadow on the retina causing the person irritation. A number of people have witnessed floaters in the eye when they look across a clear background. Dark spots become more visible to the person against a clear background. They move along with the movement of the eye and disappear out of your vision very quickly. You may witness one or two large black spots or a number of black dots in various shapes and sizes. These are usually semi-transparent and appear in the form of cobwebs and circles.

They are located behind the eyeball therefore cannot be removed by simply rubbing or blinking of the eye. They move very slowly from one place to another and might appear to be different every time you look at them. These eye floaters usually sink towards the bottom of the eye. However, most prominent floaters in the eye can be viewed for a lifetime. These might be irritating but are not considered dangerous. However, excess floaters in your eye may be a point of concern for your optometrist.


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