All that you need to know about Floaters in the Eye

A lot of people around the world suffer from a rather harmless eye condition called eye floaters. In such cases, people see fuzzy, web like structures floating around their eyes all the time. And the more you try to focus on them or chase them, the quicker they appear to go away. As mentioned earlier, a majority of population suffers from such condition. But the question that troubles many is that whether it is harmful or not?

So what exactly are floaters of the eye?

Those particles that appear bit like webs or dust particles are actually known as muscae volitantes in medical terms. It can be defined as particles, spiders, spots, rings, etc. that constantly float in the field of vision. Almost everybody suffers from this condition at some or the other point in their life, but it is more commonly found in people suffering from myopia or near sightedness.

eye-floaterFloaters are actually the remains of hyaloids artery, an artery that is responsible for the nourishment of eyes during the development of fetus. As you grow up, this artery begins to deteriorate and wither away. During this process, some of the humor inside the artery gets left behind in eyes. This debris can cause floaters in the eyes.

There are some other reasons as well which can lead to floaters. One among them is retinal tears. This can happen when red blood cells get leaked into the eyes from leaking blood vessels. Asteroid hyalosis, which is basically the anomaly of vitreous humor, can also cause calcium clumps, thereby leading to floaters.

Are they harmless? The answer is generally no, but there might be cases when you need to consult an eye specialist to get them treated, especially when they are making it difficult for you to concentrate on objects. So they may not always be benign. Sometimes floaters can be a result of external or internal injury to the head, which in turn can lead to hemorrhage of tiny vessels. Eye infections can also cause floaters. So if you are experiencing a sudden shower of floaters in the eyes after an accident or injury, then you must visit an eye specialist as soon as possible to get the condition treated or your vision might be impaired.

Eye surgeons perform a surgery called vitrectomy to treat such a condition. In this surgery, the fluid present inside your eyes is removed and then replaced with similar but inert substance. This removes floaters forever.


4 myths about LASIK eye surgery

Lasik Eye Surgery

Here’s a look at some of the common myths about LASIK that are circulating in the market these days:

Myth 1: LASIK is not a surgery

Fact: The fact that lasers are being used to perform the procedure does not mean that it is not a surgery. As with other surgeries, there are certain risks involved with it. Therefore, it becomes rather imperative for people to exercise caution while choosing an eye surgeon.

Myth 2: LASIK leads to a variety of eye related complication such as night glare and dry eyes

Fact: Like most other surgeries, there is always a chance of some or the other kinds of side effects. However, the chances of side effects are very low. The advanced laser machines available these days have reduced the risks associated with such surgeries to a considerable extent now. As far as eye glare and dry eyes are concerned, these side effects do not last for more than a couple of months. If you have any concern related to this issue, however, then you must consult your surgeon prior to surgery.

Myth 3:Only one type of laser is used for all types of LASIK surgery

Fact: The fact of the matter is that there are a variety of lasers that are employed to treat eye related complications. The choice of lasers depends on the condition of patient and the problem that needs to be treated. Also, some of the best eye surgeons make sure that their patients are treated only with the lasers that are best suited for their eye related condition. After all, there is no one size fits all kind of strategy that can be adopted in such cases.

Myth 4: The outcome of LASIK eye surgery does not depend on the doctor performing it

Fact: This is perhaps one of the biggest myths related to the surgery. As a patient, you just cannot afford to undermine the skills and experience of your surgeon. Laser is just a tool that is employed for the purpose of treatment of eye related problems. But it is the skills and level of care of your surgeon that will determine how diligently it is used to get the desired results. Moreover, the surgery also involves creation and manipulation of corneal flap, which is a very delicate and complex procedure that cannot be performed by inexperienced surgeons.


Dispelling myths about laser eye surgery

Eye Laser If you are suffering from vision related problems or complications, then there are certain advanced forms of treatments available these days which can help you get rid of the problem forever. Laser eye surgery is one of those treatments which has emerged as one of the most popular and effective treatment to correct and improve vision. However, there is still a huge percentage of population which prefers not to go for such treatments. The main reason behind such reluctance or hesitancy is their apprehension which basically stems from certain misconceptions or myths about laser eye surgery they have in mind regarding these types of procedures. If you happen to be surrounded by such myths, then continue reading as we will dispel some of the important ones for you through this article.

The first myth which is actually quite common is the belief that it is not a real surgery. However, just because the procedure does not lead to any loss of blood or incision does not mean that it should not be treated as such. The procedure has certain risks and complications involved, which are pretty similar to the other surgical procedures. So by not treating it as a surgery, you will not be able to prepare yourself in the way you should.

The other misconception about such procedures is that they lead to certain eye related problems or side effects such as dry eyes or night glare. While this matter cannot be entirely dismissed as a myth, but the fact is the advent of highly advanced laser equipments and techniques have reduced the chances of such side effects to bare minimum. So you can walk in to a clinic with the confidence that you will not face any sort of side effects after the treatment. Even if certain complications do arise, they can easily be diagnosed and treated without much a problem whatsoever.

There are some people who believe that because the eye laser surgery is so new, one cannot be assured of their long term side effects. However, the fact of the matter is that such treatments have been in the industry for over two decades now. Thousands of people have gone for the treatment till date, giving a huge database to research on. So two decades is a good amount of time to figure out if there are any long terms side effects or not.