4 myths about LASIK Surgery debunked

laser lasikGoing for any eye LASIK surgery is a big decision to make. Such surgeries can bring in a lot of anxieties and nerves. The main reason behind such nervousness is usually some baseless misconceptions and misinformation. Through this article, you are going to get introduced some real facts hidden underneath those myths related to this very popular eye surgery that has provided great results and proved very effective in treated a variety of vision related problems. Go through these myths and educate yourself before going for it:

  •   Myth 1: LASIK is not a surgery

Fact: It is a surgery and, therefore, should be treated in every manner as such. Just like any other type of invasive surgery, there are certain risks associated with it. So it is important to take precaution before and after the surgery to get the desired outcomes. Just because lasers are being used to treat the problem does not mean that it is not a surgery. So treat it as one.

  •   Myth 2: Eye related complication such as night glare & dry eyes accompany laser LASIK

Fact: Although there are certain risks associated with this vision correction surgery, but the clinic studies have gone on to suggest that the chances of such complications are very low. And even if you face some problem after the surgery, it can easily be diagnosed and corrected. As far as nigh glares and dry eyes are concerned, they do not last for long. However, if the problem persists, you must consult your eye surgeon to get it treated in time.

  •   Myth 3: Only one type of laser is used to treat all vision related problems

Fact: The fact is that that there are different types of lasers available. So the choice depends on patient’s condition and the problem that needs to be treated. Therefore, you need to ensure that the surgeon you are approaching has access to a wide range of lasers to get the best possible treatment and results.

  •   Myth 4: LASIK eye surgery can permanently end your need for glasses

Fact: Although the surgery has proven very effective and successfully in reducing people’s reliance or dependence on glasses, but it does not mean that the surgery can permanently end such woes. There are a lot of factors that decide the outcome. So consult your eye surgeon and discuss these issues before making a decision.


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