Common questions related to LASIK eye surgery

A lot of people across the globe who are suffering from vision related problems are opting for LASIK eye surgery. And there are many who are laying their entire hopes on this advanced surgical treatment to get rid of all their vision related problems. However, despite the immense popularity of this surgical treatment, a vast majority of population still is not exactly aware of what this surgery is all about and whether they are the right candidate for it or not. So through this article, we will try to answer some of these important questions.

At Perfect Vision Laser Correction we understand that no two eyes are the same.

At Perfect Vision Laser Correction we understand that no two eyes are the same.

What is Laser Eye Surgery?

It is basically a medical procedure that utilizes highly advanced lasers to reshape the cornea which is located inside the eye. The surgery proves quite effective in the treatment of different eye related problems such as near sightedness or myopia, long sightedness or hypermetropia and astigmatism which is usually the result of uneven curvature of the eye’s surface.

Would I be required to undergo anesthesia during the treatment?

No, the highly advanced laser technology being available these days has ensured that the patient undergoing the laser surgery can remain conscious. However, mild sedatives might be given to you so that you can get rid of all your anxieties prior to the surgery and go through it in a relaxed state of mind. Your eyes will, however, be anesthetized with topical numbing drops during the surgery.

Would I need a patch after the surgery?

No, LASIK surgeries are highly advanced surgical treatments. So there you will have to wear a patch which used to be the case earlier when such treatments were not available. However, you will have to wear eye shields at bedtime for at least a week so as to keep your eyes protected.

What kind of tests will be done before the surgery?

It depends on the condition of your eye and your overall health condition. Consult your surgeon who will provide you with all the guidance related to the tests that need to be conducted prior to this surgery for eye.

Are eye drops required after the procedure?

Again it depends on how sensitive your eyes are. Some surgeons suggest artificial tears after the surgery as it usually leads to dry eyes. Certain eye drops may also be recommended to you in order to promote tear production in your eyes.



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