Some important facts about laser eye surgery

eye laser surgeryDespite the popularity of laser eye surgery, not many people are aware of important facts related to this procedure. Through this article, we are going to uncover a few of them for you so that you can educate yourself as to what this surgery is all about.

One of the misconceptions, about laser eye surgery is that it can help you get a 20/20 vision. Although people in general cannot be blamed for it as it the misleading advertisements by the surgeons that has led to such a belief, the fact remains that there is no technique available till date that can guarantee a 20/20 vision. Although it is possible for a majority of people to restore normal vision after the surgery, but no honest surgeon would give them an absolute guarantee of perfect vision. If you want to achieve such results, you might be required to go for an enhancement surgery in order to achieve full correction.

As far as the right age for the eye laser surgery is concerned, there is no particularly age limit these days but most surgeons suggest that it is better to go for the surgery after the age of 21. Also, to achieve best results it is best to go for it when your nearsightedness or astigmatism range has stabilized. It is this factor that is more crucial than your age.

If you are worried about pain that accompanies most surgical procedures, then you can afford to breathe a sigh of relief as laser eye surgery is absolutely painless. All you might feel is a bit of pressure on your eyes during the procedure but it is not something that would make you uncomfortable.

One common concern among people planning to undergo this surgical procedure is related to how long the results of the surgery would last. The highly advanced laser equipment and technique available these days now means that the vision correction achieved through it can last for a lifetime. The procedure involves the modification of a soft tissue present in the eye called cornea. Once this modification is achieved through laser techniques, the cornea tends to remain stable all life. Although there are certain cases of regressions but those are very rare compared to millions of patients whose visions have remained stable after the surgery.

The procedure is as accurate as it can be allowing it to sculpt the cornea the way surgeon wants to.


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