A Comprehensive Guide On Myodesopsia: – Eye Floaters

There are people who feel sensation of seeing things in their field of vision, but these things are not there. This sensation is caused by eye myodesopsia which is an annoying condition. Although people can be hugely bothered, but it is not considered as a medical emergency. This condition is quite common. On fact about fifty percent of people above fifty years report this problem. In people above seventy years this condition is much higher. If you  people have ideas a bout this condition then there are chances  of preventing this condition , common causes of blindness, retinal tear and other complications.

What you need to know?
what are floaters? This condition is termed as myodesopsia but they do not move. Commonly myodesopsia   shrink into the part of body position on which eye is dependent. The brain removes the image of myodesopsia due to the reason that they are having fixed location. This is known as neural adaptation, which is similar to condition; a person is not able to recognize that you are wearing a bracelet or shoe. Another reason that hinders the myodesopsia    is that they appear in images with pain or light foreground. Examples are blue sky or screen of your personal computers. When you focus on such images it contrast and reduce the size of point from which light enters.  Resulting in more visible myodesopsia.

floaters, what are floaters


Myodesopsia   can be of different shapes and sizes. It can be a fragment, spot, threads or cobweb. These images shift within the vision field in both or one eye. When you see myodesopsia, brain will make you gaze at them but it is impossible. Myodesopsia   are within eyes and they move along with the direction you move your eyes. Some people also mistake myodesopsia   with optical illusions which is not good because myodesopsia   exists. When people see images that are created by objects within eyes, this condition is also known as entoptic phenomenon.

Treatment for myodesopsia
A person suffering from floaters experience minimum problems, the problem can arise of myodesopsia   is detached with retina.   This can cause serious problems if not properly or timely treated. Thus it is important that you choose the best eye clinic with specialized opticians. Vitreolysis  is the best treatment for this condition this is pain free procedure and can help you in getting rid of this condition. Treatment takes twenty to sixty minutes per session. You can visit the website to know more.


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