Be Aware Of Eye Floaters

The Floaters are something that is floating in your vision. It is a white wall which stands out when you start staring at a bright or light colored object. The coming into the sun also source the floaters to stand up.  In each eye, there is a vitreous humor, which is jelly like clear object, which help to maintain the shape of the eyeball. This object constitute of 98% water, which works as a shock absorber. Sometime these objects float in the vitreous humor. The vitreous humor is not present on the surface as it is present within the eye.

Floaters of the eye  are of different sizes and shapes involving threads, clumps, bubbles, dots, squiggles, web and much more. These floaters enlarge with the age. The gel which is no dissolved, float in the liquid of vitreous humor. These Floaters may bear any size and shape. These Floaters are not still ever.floaters of the eye, floaters
The Floaters are less dangerous in some cases. These are small clumps, which are formed in the eyeball and as they float in the vitreous humor, they also move, when you move your eyes. These Floaters can destroy your eye, if these are grown in a large amount. You can have even a migraine problem, if you are seeing the flashlights with the floaters in your eye. To protect and prevent your eye from damage, you must consult a doctor quickly.

Floaters – A vitreous gel material
Normally, eye twitching is also known as Myokymia, which is a process of narrowing of the muscles of the eyelid. Another situation of the eye is regular blinking of the lid due to some reasons like fatigue, stress or irritation in the eye.
The Nystagmus is also an eye twitching which includes the twitching of the eyeball due to consumption of alcohol and drugs. The people suffering from eye twitching must consult the doctor. These kinds of aye issues are very common among the people. The eyes must be treated and cured by the specialized eye doctor.

Cataract is also one of the eye problems  which can affect the people of any age. This issue arises due to infection in the clear and the natural lens. The lens of the eye is not clear due to cataract. For this disease, cataract recovery surgery should be adopted by the patient. Eye drops recommended by the eye doctors should be utilized to protect your eyes from damaging.


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