Advantages of Laser eye surgery

One question always in our mind that what is laser eye surgery? It is a treatment that is performed using laser to cut small tissues. Laser surgery is mostly used to treat eye problems. Excimer laser is involved in reshaping the cornea by removing tissues. There are various effects used in this surgery which includes photochemical effect, photoblative effect, photo thermal effect and photo mechanical effect.

There are many surgeons and eye-clinics available where you can have this surgery. But first you have to know which eye issue you are facing and the related surgery you need, are you a suitable patient for eye surgery or not. One should search for a professional eye specialist who ensures safe and reliable treatment for you.

Every one want to know what is eye surgery actually? Laser eye surgery is one such effective medical process where various eye issues have different eye solutions and surgeries. Astigmatism is caused by irregularities in the shape of cornea, includes symptoms such as blur vision, Photorefractive keratechtomy is for the patients with abnormally shaped cornea, Hyperopia is a long-sightedness problem. People can see distant objects clearly but have difficulty focusing on near objects, Myopia, Monovision and cataract surgery are other eye related problems that can be cured using laser eye treatment.

If you are looking for a laser eye surgeon in Sydney then Perfect vision is a place for you. In perfect vision there are safe laser and non-laser surgeries are available. Their procedures are conducted using the most updated equipment, ensuring safety, comfort and time effective results. Their specialists are experienced and have a wide range of laser and non-laser treatments available.

Laser is also used to non-refractive conditions such as Phototherapeutic keratectomy, coagulation and to repair tears of retina. LASIK is a revolutionary technique that uses laser to correct many eye issues. It can cure astigmatism by smoothing an irregular cornea into a more normal shape. It’s a non-flap procedure used mostly for thin cornea. This treatment uses 3D mapping and two computer guided lasers for precise measurements. If you are considering this surgery then you should choose a qualified Lasik surgeon and Perfect vision can provide you the facility of having a good treatment.

Sydney surgeons will evaluate whether LASIK is right for you or not. They will examine your eye and kind of vision correction you need. The surgeon will check your health conditions and whether you qualify for this surgery or not. You may also opt for other laser surgery such as PRK, LASEK and epi-LASEK. Surgical laser procedures are undertaken using lasers including argon, KTP and Nd: YAG.



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