Give a new lease of life to your eyes

It has been rightly said that of all the five senses that a person possesses, sight is the most precious. When you are able to see something your experience gets heightened since you are able to connect to that thing in a much better way. To be able to maintain your eyes and keep up their health it is important that you should take care of them. However, the kind of life that people lead today coupled with the age factor sometimes makes it difficult to maintain good eye sight and vision which interrupts with the daily normal life. One such problem that people face because of age is the problem of floaters in the eye.

To be able to understand this problem of floaters you should first understand that one of the main components of the eyes is the vitreous humor. It is a jelly like substance that is located between the retina and the lens of the eye. Its function is to keep the eyes moist and clean. When one is young the vitreous humor is clean and transparent but as one progress with age, like other parts of the body, the vitreous humor also starts degenerating and it loses its basic form. As a result, one sees that the formation of knots of fibers takes place in the eyes which causes shadows on the retina. These shadows appear like spots or cobwebs and in common terms are called as floaters in the eyes. The appearance of such shadows which disrupts the normal vision of a person is one of the main symptoms of floaters.

This condition can be easily treated with a laser technology which makes the treatment non invasive and non surgical. The procedure is pain free and does not cause any discomfort to the patient undergoing the treatment. The laser lights that are used for the procedure send out nano second pulses which evaporate the floaters by working on eliminating the fibers that form them. The fibers get converted into gas and the eyes get free from all floaters in one go. By going in for this eye floaters treatment you would see that your vision is restored and that too without any discomfort or complicated procedure. If you see any of the floaters symptoms then you should get an appointment with Perfect Vision where they would be able to provide such effective treatment.


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