Keep Your Vision Clear Even In Old Age

floaters 01 julAge brings with itself a lot of problems. You get weak, you lose your stamina, you might even get diabetes and would have to let go of your favorite foods. One other problem that often accompanies old age is floaters in the eye. This is a problem, as the name itself states, related to eye and it impacts not just your vision but also the comfort you feel. The vitreous humor is a part of the eye. It is a clear substance much like a jelly and is found in the main chamber of the eye. It is basically situated between the lens i.e. the eye ball and the retina. Its main purpose is to keep the eyes hydrated and to prevent the eyes from getting too dry.

A brief explanation about the problem would tell you more about what are floaters. While the vitreous humor is a natural part of the eyes, when one is young it is completely transparent and so you would never even know that such a thing is actually a part of your body. But as you grow old and age degeneration of the vitreous humor takes place. This can be because of a variety of reasons, one of the main reasons however is that the eyes lose their tendency to create the necessary nutrients. As a result the vitreous humor loses its form and its liquefying capacity. When the vitreous humor starts degenerating, the collagen fibers are not able to find a stable binding force and as a result they collapse. The collagen fibers get together and they form clumps or knots which float in the eye. This casts a shadow on the retina and to the person who is facing this problem they would appear as spots or strings in their vision. They person would not be able to view things without this shadow appearing in his or her vision. These are termed as floaters.

A sudden increase in the number of floaters in the eye can even cause the vitreous humor to completely peel away from the retina. This shows how serious this problem can get and that you should never take it very lightly. If you believe that you are facing the same problem then you should get immediate treatment. Perfect Vision’s vitreolysis is a one of a kind technology which is non invasive and pain free and would help you get rid of this problem permanently.


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