What do you mean by an eye surgery and how effective they are?

No one ever want to lose there eyesight and they remain very conscious about their eyes. They keep proper care of their eyes because they know the importance of eyes. But some people are not so lucky and have eye disorders which might be due increasing age, or by birth or due to some other health problems. But now our medical science has advanced a lot and doctors have discovered several treatments to overcome these diseases.

What is eye surgeryIn most of the cases, these eye disorders require surgery for eye. Now the question is what is eye surgery? Surgery of an eye refers to the surgical process which provides a better vision to eye patients and helps in treating or removing eye disorders.

There are several treatments for eye, which includes:

Laser eye surgery: We know that everyone’s eye is unique and have its own features and characteristics and in order to provide the best results, doctors need to give their patients the best fitted treatment. And in order to do so, they have to build custom fit treatment, in which firstly they need to create your personal vision profile, then they make the iLasik flap and lastly they correct your eye vision.

•    Monovision: It is also a type of laser eye surgery, used to correct the disorder of presbyopia, which can be seen in old aged people who mostly wears a bifocal glass to overcome this disorder.

•    Astigmatism correction: It is a disorder which can be caused due to the irregularities in the shape of eye or in the lens of the eye. Symptoms like blur vision, headaches and eyestrain can be seen in those who are suffering from these disorders.

•    Hyperopia: It is also a problem commonly seen in most of the people who can see the distant objects but cant able to focus on the near objects.

•    Myopia: It is also a very common problem seen in most of the people, where they can see the nearby objects but can’t see the distant objects.

•    Cataract Surgery: It is also a type of eye surgery which is used to remove the cataract formed in the eyes of the patients and it also requires an experienced and skilled doctor to perform the surgery.

•    Photorefractive Keratectomy

•    Phakic Intraocular lenses


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