Eye Floaters: When should you seek medical assistance

Eye floaters is a common vision related problem that a majority of human population encounters at some or the point in their life time. These floaters might appear in front of your field of vision in a variety of structures such as spots, webs, specks, etc. which often appear to moving aimlessly. A lot of times they prove to be annoying, especially when their size is considerably bigger which in turn makes it difficult for you to focus on certain objects. However, most of the eye floaters are harmless and do not require any sort of medical attention.

The reason why they occur is because the white fluid in your eyeball called the vitreous humor develops certain clogs inside it. This creates a bit of inconsistency in the gel. The clogs cast a shadow on the walls of retina, which in turn appear like structures or webs floating in front of the eye, and no matter how much you try to chase, you fail to catch them as they move along with the movement of your eyeball.

You might notice that these floaters become much more prominent or pronounced when you happen to look at a very bright object or light. Sometimes, these structures keep on moving and do not stay still when you try to catch a glimpse of them by focusing on them. The reason that they move with your eyeball makes them appear as if they are drifting away, making it impossible for you to chase them down.

Although in most of the cases floaters are harmless, there are situations where immediate medical attention is required. For instance, if you begin to see shower of floaters in front of your field of vision accompanies by certain light flashes, then you must seek advice of an eye specialist as soon as possible. The sudden occurrence of such symptoms could very well suggest that the vitreous humor has begun to pull away from retina. It might also suggest that retina has started to dislodge from the walls of the eye that supply blood and other important nutrients to it. A torn retina can lead to the invasion of vitreous inside it, often pushing it out of the walls. This can prove to be a very serious situation and even lead to loss of vision permanently if you do not seek immediate medical attention.

So make sure that you do not take eye floaters lightly when you experience such symptoms.



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