Primary causes of floaters

Have you ever experienced some web like structures floating in front of your eyes? Do you know what this problem is called and what exactly leads to it? If not, then this article is just for you. Read on to find out a bit about this problem and what are the reasons that become the cause for it.

The problem that we are about to discuss in this article is a common eye related complication called eye floaters. The reason why they are called floaters is pretty obvious. The structures that appear in front of the vision of some people appear to be floating in the air all the time. And they tend to drift away the moment one tries to focus on them. This is the reason why this problem is called floaters in common terms.

So what exactly causes floaters in the eyes?

The vitreous, which is the white portion of our eyeball and composed of 99% water and the rest collagen, tends to deteriorate in some people after a certain period of time. It is this degeneration of vitreous that results in this problem called floaters.

There are a few causes behind it. One of them is the vitreous liquefaction. With age, a process called syneresis takes place inside our eyes which results in the liquefaction of vitreous in small parts. It is this process that results in the formation of liquid pockets inside vitreous. This casts a shadow on to the walls of the eyeball called retina. These shadows appear in our field of vision as various forms of structures, which we call as floaters. Therefore, it proves futile to chase after them as these shadows move with the movement of eyeball. So it is impossible to catch them.

Another reason that is known to be a primary cause of floaters is the posterior vitreous detachment. The liquefaction of vitreous leads to the loss of firmness of this gel like structure. If the process continues for long, it can lead to detachment of vitreous from retina. This process is termed as posterior vitreous detachment or PVD in medical terms. In certain situations, vitreous tends to push a little too hard on the retina, which can lead to retinal bleeding as well. These traces of blood can get deposited on retina which can sometimes appear in the form of this common problem called eye floaters.



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