Laser surgery technology for eye-diseases

What is laser based eye surgery?

Laser technology has been proved one of the most effective and most successful procedures to treat eye-problems, vision-errors or severe eye diseases. Laser-in-suit-keratomileusis is commonly known as term LASIK. It has been the most common procedure performed on patients suffering from vision problems. Let’s understand what actually this process involves. Eye surgeon performs this process with the first step of cutting across the comea of eye. He then raises a flap of tissue and carries out reshaping to correct vision.

Laser treatment for different vision errors/ eye diseases

There are different types of refractive errors that any person may suffer in phase of his/her life. A refractive error can be minor or major.  There can be short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism etc. Although in some cases such as a high degree of short-sightedness, this procedure is not suitable. However, there are other procedures to treat all types of major or minor vision errors including short-sightedness, long-sightedness (respectively known as Myopia, Hypermyopia), other eye diseases such as Cataract, Monovision, Photorefractive Karetectomy, Phakic IOL and etc. It is recommended to consult with expert eye surgeon before you go under any treatment. An expert can only suggest the best suitable treatment procedure to correct your vision-problem.

Benefits of Eye Laser Surgery

Nevertheless, there are conventional methods to treat eye-problems that may be temporary. For example, getting eye-check-up done and wearing glasses with power lenses. Many people prefer contact lenses as well.  Our eating habits impact our overall body mechanism. Control over eating habits and taking nutritious diet with all necessary protein and vitamins helps. But, if a person is suffering from really tough face due to vision-error or any eye diseases. Medical attention is very important. Ignoring a little discomfort in eye may develop in a disease. Well, going under treatment of laser technology is the best way to correct eye-problems. It eliminates the chances or, risk of, developing any severe eye-diseases that may result in partial or complete blindness. Let’s quickly understand about benefits of laser eye surgery procedure:

•    Works and proven to correct vision in most cases
•    Marked a high success rate, and affordable
•    Associated with very little pain, it is not like killing pains that patients suffer from traditional surgical eye surgery methods
•    Results are noticeable right after a day surgery is performed
•    Quick recovery, no stitches, no bandages! A patient may need to wear sunglasses to protect eye from infections and allergies for a few day


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