Laser Treatment Procedure to Correct Eye-Problems

In recent years, there is an increase in demand for Laser eye surgery. This is because of its highest success rate. People are heading towards this treatment procedure to treat eye-disorders or problems they are suffering from. There are benefits of going under Lasik or laser eye surgery procedure. First of all, this technique is used to correct refractive-errors. Major or minor, any type of refractive errors can be treated by following this procedure. As there are several eye-disorders, problems and diseases people suffer from, there are varied types of laser treatments as well. Secondly, this procedure helps in to get rid of eyewear or eye-glasses or contact-lenses once and for all.

There are more numbers of people, who wish to go under or opt for LASIK procedure because they do not want to wear glasses or contacts anymore. There can be cosmetic reasons and comfort can be the reason as well, why people do not want to wear eye-glasses or eye-contact-lenses. As most of us know, Lasik is the abbreviated form of “laser-assisted situ keratomileusis”. It is basically a form of eye surgery. It involves re-shaping the cornea to fix or correct vision problems. This procedure involves cutting open a ‘flap’ in the cornea. And then laser is used to remove a pre-determined amount of tissue from the cornea. Then the flap is replaced. And, it heals naturally. In procedure patient remains conscious; however local anesthesia is used to numb the eye. The procedure of laser eye surgery is not a lengthy one. It takes between 15 to 20 minutes to complete the procedure. The healing or recovery time may take up to 2-3 weeks. Patients gone under this treatment are advised to take a lot of care to ensure that the eyes do not catch any sort of infection after operation. Refractive errors or vision-problems like myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia and other major or minor eye-diseases can be treated by this laser technique. Highly successful laser surgery for eye-problems helps in rectifying these defects in a large number of cases. Expert eye-surgeons perform these surgeries for patients. Before performing any of these surgeries or treatments, experts conduct a session with patient to consult and discuss about patient’s health conditions and other past medical histories.


Laser surgery for eyes

Laser technology has achieved great success in field of medical science and technology. This technique has proved so purposeful and effective for many problems/ diseases a human being suffers from. This technique is used for correcting eye-vision as well. Yes, laser based surgery for eye has become popular due to its higher successful results. A number of laser surgeries for vision corrections and for different problems/ diseases related to eyes is performed by expert eye-doctors or surgeons. In this blog, we are discussing about precautions to take after laser-vision-correcting eye surgery. In consultation session before going under treatment, expert informs and educates patients about every important thing related to their problems and treatment to be performed. Expert discuss about before and after precautions and what a patient can expect during the surgery and many other necessary things. There are some very important precautions every patient must take best care of after laser eye surgery. These special precautions are to prevent injury or infection during initial postoperative period:

  • Doctors give advice to not to take a shower or wash hair until the day after laser eye surgery.
  • Patient has to avoid getting soap in his eye when bathing and washing hair for at least one week after laser eye surgery.
  • A patient need to take care that tap water is not getting in his eyes for at least a week after laser eye surgery.
  • Patient needs to avoid swimming pools, whirlpools, saunas, and lakes for at least three weeks after laser eye surgery
  • Also, patient needs to avoid using/ getting products such as hair spray and shaving lotion in eyes while healing from laser eye surgery.
  • Rubbing eyes is strictly a no. Patient needs to avoid rubbing eyes for at least a month after laser eye surgery.
  • Experts suggest patients not to drive until they feel comfortable doing so. And patients should only start driving with the approval of their doctor.
  • Patient must wear the eye shield/goggles received in his postoperative kit. This eye shield or goggle is to use during sleeping for the first seven nights after laser eye surgery. The duration may vary, it depends on what expert or doctor suggests. Wearing eye protection is recommended for at least the first month once patients have resumed exercise and sports activities after laser eye surgery.
  • Although dirt and dust must be avoided always but avoid dirty/dusty environments for seven days. And, avoid going out in bright sunshine. It may cause scarring. And that is the reason why sunglasses are recommended on bright days for a year after laser eye surgery.
  • For female-patients, no eye makeup for at least one week after laser eye surgery. Also, they are advised to discard partially used makeup to avoid bacterial contamination.Do not get hair colored or perming for at least 10 days after laser eye surgery. As these procedure includes application of chemicals and other steps that can be harmful for eyes!
  • Patients are suggested to not to exercise for two days after laser eye surgery.

Laser Technology Based Eye Surgery

People with a pair of eyes are blessed in true sense because they are able to view, see this wonderful world. Eyes are precious; we must take best care of them. Once a vision lost, is lost forever! No one from us can afford losing our visions. Do not take it for granted, if you find even a little trouble or irritation in eyes, go to see eye-doctor. Different types of refractive errors can be caused to human-eyes, at some or certain age. Precautions and treatments are always there. In this blog, we are discussing over a topic of LASIK laser eye surgery. This surgery is to correct focusing problems or to correct refractive errors in human-eye.

LASIK laser eye surgery has many benefits. Let’s discuss them one by one:
•    Foremost, this surgery is performed to correct vision in most cases. Eye-vision is corrected almost immediately or by the day after LASIK laser eye surgery
•    After the treatment, recovery is quick. It does not require any bandages or stitches
•    Further vision corrections are possible as well. In simpler words, even years after LASIK laser eye surgery adjustments can be made to further correct vision
•    This surgery eliminates the need to wearing corrective eyewear such as glasses, lenses etc
•    Not only refractive errors are corrected by laser surgery but other eye-diseases, minor and major, can be treated as well.

Laser Eye Surgery procedure is performed by highly expert eye-doctors or eye-surgeons. They consult with patients before and after treatment. They educate patients regarding eye-care, eye-problems, eye-treatments and about every important care need to be taken care after surgery. As LASIK laser eye-surgery procedure is one of the most precise medical procedures performed today, people are heading towards this procedure so that they can get rid of wearing glasses, lenses etc. And they can correct their eye-vision. The treatment is followed by three important steps, first of all expert creates patient’s personal vision profile. There is 3D mapping technology that creates a blueprint of patient’s eye. This allows expert to custom-fit the Lasik procedure for each of patient’s eyes. Then come step of making the bleed-free corneal flap, And then the last step of correcting patient’s vision by using laser technology.

Some important benefits of laser treatment for eyes

Laser and eyeIf you are one of those average glass or contact lens wearers who just want to restore their normal eye sight and want to get rid of the troublesome glasses once and forever, then it is time that you do give lasik surgery more than a bit of consideration as this treatment is a absolute blessing in disguise for people like you. It is easily the most advanced and the most effective treatment on offer these days that guarantees excellent results. And the best part of this laser for eye surgery is that even though it is a surgical treatment, but it does not require any sort of cuts and neither are you required to shed a drop of blood. The reason behind it is the advanced lasers used in this treatment which penetrate the eyeball to reshape the cornea in order to help the patient get their normal vision back without the usage of any sort of artificial vision corrected methods such as glasses and contact lenses.

In case, you are not sure of the benefits of this laser treatment for eyes, which is also referred to as LASIK surgery, then go through the points mentioned below which will give you a fair bit of idea as to whether you should consider this treatment or not.

The first benefit is the very reason why people go for this treatment in the first place – improved vision. If you are worried about the results, then you might be more than happy to know that more than 98% of the patients who undergo this surgery achieve vision acuity of at least 20/40, if not more. So once you have gone for this procedure, you can expect a greatly enhanced treatment.

The second benefit that you will receive after undergoing this procedure is that the results you are going to get from the treatment are going to last for a lifetime. It will take a period of about 3 months for your eye to stabilize after the treatment, but after that you can expect the results to be permanent. That also means that you will not be required to go for any sort of follow-ups, unless and until you experience some sort of complications after the surgery or the surgery has led to under correction of your vision. So once you have undergone this laser treatment, you can expect to live with normal vision for the rest of your life.

All about Eye Floaters

What are eye floaters?

Have you ever encountered, noticed small moving spots that appear your field of vision? These moving spots are called eye floaters. Generally, floaters in eye do not interfere with person’s sight but in some cases these can be annoying too. Particularly, these are noticeable when you look at brighter things like, up in the sky, or at white paper. Some people learn to adjust with these floaters and some want them to be treated. Because in some cases (in certain types of lights), when an eye floater is larger it can create a subtle shadow over person’s vision which can be very annoying and not comfortable. There are benign eye floaters that become bothersome enough to consider treatment. We will be discussing about treatments in blog after the understating the causes and symptoms.

What are the causes of eye floater?

Collagen is responsible for them. Mostly, eye floaters are caused by small flecks of a protein that we call as collagen. Let’s try and understand it in a more easy way. The back compartment of human eye is filled with vitreous humor. Vitreous humor is a gel like substance. This substance with its millions of fine small flecks of protein fibers start shrinking and become shred-like, as a person ages. These shreds can mount up in the vitreous that can cause a change in the amount of light that hits the retina. As we all know, retina is the light-sensitive tissue in the back of the eye. So, this change causes the symptoms of eye floaters. Eye floaters can result from other eye surgery or eye diseases as well.

What are the symptoms?

Eye floaters dart away when we try to focus on them, generally. And they move as the eyes move. They can appear in the different shapes such as black or gray dots. There can be squiggly lines. There can be threadlike strands, which can be knobby and semi-transparent. A person may notice Cobwebs and Ring shaped.

Treatments for Eye Floaters

In some cases, eye floaters are a sign of a more serious condition. In such situations immediate medical attention is considered. Treatment of vitreolysis for floaters is a non-invasive procedure. This pain-free process helps in eliminating the visual disturbance caused by floaters. A treatment involves, use of laser light with nanosecond pulses. It is used to evaporate the collagen and hyaluronan molecules within the floater. This helps in converting them to a gas. And the floater is removed or reduced in size. Considerably, this procedure helps in improving quality of vision.