Laser surgery for eyes

Laser technology has achieved great success in field of medical science and technology. This technique has proved so purposeful and effective for many problems/ diseases a human being suffers from. This technique is used for correcting eye-vision as well. Yes, laser based surgery for eye has become popular due to its higher successful results. A number of laser surgeries for vision corrections and for different problems/ diseases related to eyes is performed by expert eye-doctors or surgeons. In this blog, we are discussing about precautions to take after laser-vision-correcting eye surgery. In consultation session before going under treatment, expert informs and educates patients about every important thing related to their problems and treatment to be performed. Expert discuss about before and after precautions and what a patient can expect during the surgery and many other necessary things. There are some very important precautions every patient must take best care of after laser eye surgery. These special precautions are to prevent injury or infection during initial postoperative period:

  • Doctors give advice to not to take a shower or wash hair until the day after laser eye surgery.
  • Patient has to avoid getting soap in his eye when bathing and washing hair for at least one week after laser eye surgery.
  • A patient need to take care that tap water is not getting in his eyes for at least a week after laser eye surgery.
  • Patient needs to avoid swimming pools, whirlpools, saunas, and lakes for at least three weeks after laser eye surgery
  • Also, patient needs to avoid using/ getting products such as hair spray and shaving lotion in eyes while healing from laser eye surgery.
  • Rubbing eyes is strictly a no. Patient needs to avoid rubbing eyes for at least a month after laser eye surgery.
  • Experts suggest patients not to drive until they feel comfortable doing so. And patients should only start driving with the approval of their doctor.
  • Patient must wear the eye shield/goggles received in his postoperative kit. This eye shield or goggle is to use during sleeping for the first seven nights after laser eye surgery. The duration may vary, it depends on what expert or doctor suggests. Wearing eye protection is recommended for at least the first month once patients have resumed exercise and sports activities after laser eye surgery.
  • Although dirt and dust must be avoided always but avoid dirty/dusty environments for seven days. And, avoid going out in bright sunshine. It may cause scarring. And that is the reason why sunglasses are recommended on bright days for a year after laser eye surgery.
  • For female-patients, no eye makeup for at least one week after laser eye surgery. Also, they are advised to discard partially used makeup to avoid bacterial contamination.Do not get hair colored or perming for at least 10 days after laser eye surgery. As these procedure includes application of chemicals and other steps that can be harmful for eyes!
  • Patients are suggested to not to exercise for two days after laser eye surgery.

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