Precautions to take after laser-eye-surgery

LASIK is a procedure that has marked great success. It is performed to treat different types of refractive errors and eye-problems. Laser technique for surgery has become very successful. This type of technique is also used to treat eye-diseases or refractive-errors. However, expert eye-surgeons inform and consult each and everything related to pre and post precautions for eye-surgery.  Let’s discuss what special precautions are suggested to patients to prevent injury or infection, after the laser surgery or during initial postoperative period:
•    Make sure do not take shower or wash your hair until the day, post-surgery. Do not take bath or wash hair on the same day.
•    When bathing and washing hair, avoid getting soap or shampoo in eyes! Follow this at least one week post surgery.
•    Don’t allow tap water to get in your eyes for at least a week after laser eye surgery. And avoid swimming pools, whirlpools, saunas, and lakes for at least 3 weeks after laser eye surgery.
•    There are some other products, (chemical-based) need to be avoided such as hair-spray, shaving lotion etc. Eye make-up should be avoided too.
•    And, over a period of time, when you, especially women, start using eye-make-up, discard the eye-make up products you already have. It is better to buy new products in order to eliminate the risks of any infections, to avoid bacterial contamination.
•    Rubbing eyes is strictly avoided for at least a month post surgery.
•    It is suggested not to drive vehicle until you feel comfortable doing so. It is better to get the check up done at doctor’s place and then on doctor’s approval, drive vehicle.
•    Wearing the eye shield/goggles that you received in your postoperative kit is suggested. Wear them when you are sleeping for the first seven nights after laser eye surgery.
•    Wear eye protection for at least the first month once you have resumed exercise and sports activities post laser eye surgery.
•    And, because bright sunshine may cause scarring, so sunglasses are recommended on bright days for a year after laser eye surgery.
•    Do not exercise for two days after laser eye surgery.
•    You must avoid dirty/dusty environments for seven days.

Following what you expert eye-surgeon recommends is very important to make sure your eyes recover soon and you can have clear vision.


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