3 common myths related to cataract

Cataract happens to be one of the most common eye related disorder which can pretty easily be corrected these days. The reason behind this disorder is actually the building up and coagulation of protein as well as dead cells in front of the lens of the eye, which in turn results in blurry and cloudy vision, thus hampering the day to day activities of the person suffering from this sort of problem. However, it is quite unfortunate that despite huge sources of information being available related to this disorder and its treatments on offer, many people in places like Sydney do live with inaccurate information, which in turn adds to their confusions and fears regarding it. Here are some of these myths about cataract and cataract surgery which are being uncovered through this short piece of article:

  Myth 1: Cataract gets complicated if you put a lot of stress to your eyes
Fact: There is absolutely no relation between formation of cataract and straining of your eyes. As mentioned earlier, cataract results because of the deposition of protein and dead cells in the lens of the eye over a period of time. In some cases, they can also be a result of trauma caused to the eyes or some form of disease but straining of eyes or reading fine print is not going to cause cataract. In fact, there have been cases where infants have been born with cataract.

  Myth 2: Cataract happens only at old age
Fact: While it is true that majority of cataract related cases are reported in people who are above 65 years of age, but that does not mean at all that younger people cannot develop it. The reason why it is seen mostly in older people is because it gets formed over a period of time. However, younger people can also suffer from it due to certain eye related injury. In addition, excessive smoking or high blood pressures have been some of the health related problems that have been linked to cataracts. And congenital cataracts have also been seen in newborns. So there is no upper or lower age limit to this condition.

 Myth 3:Cataract surgery is dangerous
Fact: You would be rather surprised to know that cataract surgery happens to be one of the safest surgeries in the medical field. It has almost achieved perfection over a period of time.


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