Laser surgery myths and facts

It is often hard to figure out where one should turn for info about vision correction eye surgery in Sydney. One section of the society that is to be blamed for numerous rumors and myths floating in the market these days is media which has often found itself guilty of circulating conflicting stories that often adds to the confusion that people already have in mind about these kinds of treatments. And these confusions have given rise to a lot of misconceptions. Here we will make an attempt to address some of these myths about vision correction surgeries.

When it comes to myths, the first and perhaps the most rampant is that laser eye treatments are not real surgeries, which is the reason why many people do not treat it as such. However, you should and must treat it as any other kind of surgery. Of course, the procedure is not as risky or dangerous as some of the other surgical procedures but that does not mean you need to take it complacently as doing so can prove harmful for you both in the short and long run. The risks associated with this procedure are moderate but that does not mean that they can be ignored. However, there have been a few clinical studies which have indicated that the chances of any vision related complication through this kind of surgery are extremely low, if not rare.

Another similar myth is that this vision correction eye surgery can lead to some complications such as night glare and dry eyes. Many people therefore do not go for this surgery due to fears they have in mind regarding such complications. But the fact remains that this is not true at all because as mentioned earlier, the complications related to this surgery are very rare. Moreover, if you do happen to experience some kind of problem after the surgery, then they can easily be treated with some treatments or medical care. As far as complications are concerned, some of the most common ones are glares and dry eyes which are moderate in nature. Most of these side effects last no more than 4 to 6 months time period even without any special kind of medical attention, which in itself is a relieving factor.
So get rid of these baseless misconceptions from your mind and approach this vision correction surgery with confidence as it will help you live a life without glasses and contact lenses.


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