3 common misconceptions about PRK eye treatment

Listed below are some of the most common myths and misperceptions about PRK eye treatment prevailing in the minds of people. Go through each one of them carefully so as to ensure that you do not fall prey to any of them as it will then hinder your ability to make a decision which is more based on facts than perceptions.

• Myth 1: PRK treatment does not at all prove useful in case of astigmatism
Fact: There are a lot of people even in cities like Sydney and Melbourne who tend to believe in this myth, and many do not go for this treatment precisely because of this reason. However, this is nothing but a complete nonsense because of the simple reason that PRK proves as effective in cases related to astigmatism as does laser eye surgery. There are less than one percent of people suffering from this condition on whom this procedure cannot be performed to get the desired outcome.

• Myth 2: Patients need to keep their eyes still during the entire length of the procedure
Fact: Again, this can be treated as nothing but a misconception because the tools and instruments used during the procedure make it a lot easier for patients to achieve this feat with ease. A technology called pupil tracking is employed during the procedure which helps the doctors keep a tract of even the minutest of movements of the eyeballs, which in turn helps them make adjusts with relative ease. If the eyeball moves to a relatively high degree, then the laser machine used for PRK procedure automatically stops. In addition, the surgeon performing the treatment on you can always stop in case of large movements of your eyeball. So you do not have to worry about keeping your eyes fixated during the procedure.

• Myth 3: The results of PRK treatment do not last for a lifetime

Fact: Although it is true that prescription of your eyes might change after the PRK treatment, but that holds true for all laser eye treatments and not just PRK. Most of the people do experience stabilization of eye prescription in their 20s. However, some people do experience a constant change in prescription throughout their life. The best thing you can do is to go for the PRK treatment once your prescription has stabilized for a few years prior to this form of laser eye treatment.


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