Important facts related to laser eye surgery

Can a sneeze prove to be harmful to the laser eye surgery I recent had? This is one of the most common myths or misconceptions people have when they undergo this sort of vision correction surgery. Most of the eye specialists and eye surgeons face these sorts of concerns almost on a regular basis as their patients remain a bit too cautious and anxious about the effects and results of the surgery. This is what makes these people go for laser eye surgery suitability check on a regular basis. The best surgeons and eye specialists try their level best to relax their patients and reduce their anxieties and bring it to the minimum before discussing the details of the treatment along with its pros and cons. The aim of this short piece of article is to bring some of the unfounded fears about this laser eye surgery to light so that the record can be set straight for you. So let us go through these myths and facts one by one.

The first concern that people have about this laser eye procedure is its cost. Although the cost of the surgery depends on the condition of the eye and the problem to be treated, but in most cases it costs somewhere around $6,000. This figure also includes the cost of the suitability checks and other expenses related to the procedure that a patient might have to deal with. There are clinics around the world which offer treatment at lower prices as well but when it comes to the treatment of something as precious as your very own eyes, quality of the treatment and not price should be your main concern.

A common misconception about this surgical procedure is that one cannot move or blink or even sneeze during the procedure, which is not true at all because the procedure is performed with the help of eye tracking technology which ensures that any sort of movement of eyeball during the procedure does not have any impact on the results of the surgery in any manner whatsoever.

And do not let yourself give in to the age old misconception that laser eye surgery can make you blind. The machines used for this procedure emit lasers at specific frequency which cannot impair the vision of the person undergoing this surgery. Moreover, you can have it at any time after the age of 18.


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