Interesting Facts About Monovision

The main goal of the laser monovision correction treatment is usually to help the patieMonovision.png1nt get rid of the need for glasses and contact lenses, which he or she wears on a regular basis. In case, you are over the age of 50 then you might be forced to wonder whether such a treatment would help you get rid of reading glasses along with some other sorts of near vision problems that tend to occur or popup with age. It is for patients over the age of 40 for whom monovision treatment with the help of lasik or prk can prove to an excellent option. The treatment has helped thousands of people across the globe eliminate the need of having to wear glasses or contact lenses on a regular basis to achieve good vision. So if you are suffering from any of the vision related problems mentioned above, then monovision treatment in Sydney is what you should aim for to get the desired results.

So what exactly is monovision?

Monovision is termed as presbyopia in medical terms. It is one of the most common eye related problems that occur in people as they begin to age. In this condition, the natural lens that is located inside the eye begins to lose its ability to autofocus. If left untreated, the problem can get worse over a period of time as it will lead to the wear and tear of the lenses located inside the eye over a period of time. It does not matter whether you are suffering from this problem at this stage or not, but you might find yourself having trouble focusing on objects clearly at some point of time or the other. It is because of this reason that you will find most of the people in their 40s or 50s wearing bifocals or reading glasses on a regular basis while reading. As far as LASIK treatment is concerned, you might still require the need of bifocals or reading glasses after this form of surgery. So if you are one of those people who truly want to eliminate the need of wearing reading glasses on a regular basis, then a lasik treatment might not help you achieve the objective.

Monovision is basically a type of eye related complication where one eye of a person is set for distance focus while the other eye can only focus on the objects located near to the patient. If you are suffering from mild nearsightedness, then this problem can be negated to some extent and help you restore near vision.


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