LASIK Vision Correction: Facts v/s Fiction

LASIK is one of those surgical treatments which have gained a lot of popularity in a very shortlasik span of time. However, it also finds itself continuously mired in some sort of controversies or misconceptions, which are basically a result of myths and rumors that are being spread in the market about this vision correction treatment in Sydney. Here are a few of those fictions along with real hard facts for you.

Fiction 1: In order to gauge the capability of an eye surgeon, one should look at the number of lasik procedures he or she has performed in the past

Fact: While it does hold pretty much true that the number of procedures is usually a good indicator of an eye surgeon’s experience, but treating it as a sole criterion for picking an eye surgeon is never a good idea. This is because there are a plenty of other factors as well which determine the quality of the treatment of the surgeon under consideration. Also, after a certain period of time, i.e. when a surgeon has performed a couple of hundred of lasik procedures, quantitative factors take the backseat and the qualitative ones taken the front seat. So it is the quality of the procedures performed by the surgeon in the recent past that should be more of your concern than the number of treatments under their belt.

Fiction 2: LASIK provides a permanent respite from glasses and contact lenses

Fact: Although it is true that lasik has proved to be a very successful treatment in reducing people’s dependency on glasses and artificial lenses, but not every individual can expect to get permanent respite from such things after the procedure. There are several factors which come into play and determine whether the patient will or will not need glasses after undergoing this surgery. One of the factors is how well his or her eyes react to the lasik vision correction treatment. Age is also an important factor which has a great impact on the results of the surgery. In order to get an idea about it, one should go for a pre surgical evaluation where your surgeon while perform your eye checkup and make you aware of the possible outcomes.

Fiction 3: Any person can go for a LASIK surgery

Fact: This is not true at all because the eligibility of a lasik candidate depends on a variety of factors such as the thickness of the cornea, condition of the eye, age, etc. This is why it is important for patients to undergo a thorough screening where the doctor will evaluate your eyes and determine whether you can go for such a surgery or not.


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