Common Fears About Laser Eye Surgery

“Should I continue wearing glasses or contact lenses, or should I opt for the laser eye surgery What are floatersto treat my vision problem once and forever?” It is one of those questions which almost every person with glasses encounters at some point or the other in his or her lifetime. This is especially true for those individuals who can afford the cost of the surgery (although the treatment has become very affordable these days). There are quite a few reasons which make people think hard and long over whether it is indeed a good idea to opt for such surgical procedures or not. One of the reasons behind their dilemma is the fear they have in mind for surgeries. Most of the people have a typical image of surgery in mind, which is that of a lot of cuts and blood loss and long recovery period. This is a thought that sends shivers down their spine and compels them to stick to glasses rather than taking the bold step of opting for this laser based treatment, which is now being offered by almost every eye care clinic in Sydney.

Another reason why people do not go for such a vision correction treatment is because they do not have adequate amount of information related to lasik laser eye surgeries. There are some who think of lasers as the ones shown in Hollywood action movies where lasers cut through the thickest of walls and concretes with ease. So they have this fear that lasers might leave them blind forever. However, that is not the case at all because there is a huge difference between the lasers used for cutting and that for treating vision problems. The intensity of lasers used for laser eye surgery is maintained at such a level that it only damages and reconstructs the cornea without affecting the nearby areas in any manner whatsoever. And if you fear that you might go blind after undergoing this laser based treatment, then it is time for you to take yourself out of the Hollywood movies’ zone and step in to the reality because there has not been even a single case reported of a patient going blind after laser eye procedure.

And do not you worry about spending days in bed recovering from this laser eye surgery because the treatment does not involve any cuts or blood loss. So you can expect to go back to work the next day after this surgery.


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