3 facts about eye specialists that you must know

How would you know if your eye specialist is overcharging you for the treatment he or she has offered to you? This article aims at acquainting you with some important truths and facts about these specialists that they might never tell you. So go through them and educate yourself about these professionals and eye surgery procedures.

• Fact 1: Ophthalmologists and Optometrists are not one and the same
Optometrists are those individuals who hold a doctorate degree in optometry. These are the ones who check your glasses and determine your prescription. Ophthalmologists, on the other hand are those eye specialists who hold the license and the expertise to treat different types of eye diseases. Although it is true that the lines between these professionals has blurred quite a bit in the last couple of decades, but you should still know the difference between the two so that you do not err while choosing an eye specialist for your vision related problem.

• Fact 2: Not all types of eye test are necessary all the time
It is perfectly normal to have a few routine checkups of eye on a regular basis as it will help you know if you need glasses or not, or if you are suffering from some sort of eye related disease that demands immediate attention. However, there are some so called routine tests which are not required at all in most cases. For instance, a visual test involving testing of peripheral vision may not be required at all in your case. Also, certain other tests such as that of eye dilation and macular pigment testing are usually unnecessary as they are only required in rare cases, especially the ones where the problem cannot be treated without eye surgery. So make sure that you are not wasting your money on unnecessary eye checkups.

• Fact 3: Only certified eye specialists should give you eye glasses or lenses prescriptions
The law clearly states that only doctors are allowed to give people contact lenses prescriptions after a thorough checkup. Therefore, make sure that you do not get the prescription from contact lenses store without getting your eye thoroughly examined by an eye specialist who holds all the necessary degrees and certifications that a qualified eye specialist must have. Any laxity at your end regarding these matters, otherwise, could prove very costly for you in the long run as it can lead to some serious eye related problems.


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