PRK Treatment in Sydney

In this blog we are discussing about a type of laser eye surgery procedures known as Photorefractive keratectomy. It is also known as PRK, in general and in short term. In simple words, this treatment is performed for patients who suffer from different types of refractive eye errors. And, this procedure is performed to reduce the need for corrective eyewear such as eyeglasses or contact lenses. Almost all laser eye procedures are done by reshaping the cornea of the eye with a laser. PRK is also done by reshaping the cornea which is the front part of the eye.

This is done so that cornea changes the way the eye focuses light. There is an excimer laser which is used to remove a thin layer of the cornea. Usually, PRK is a laser eye surgery procedure which is less expensive than a common type of eye surgery procedure known as LASIK. Which procedure is best for which patient depends on the type of eye problem a patient is facing! And the decision is taken by expert eye surgeon after evaluating every important aspect of patient’s problem, medical history and current medical conditions etc.

A type of Photorefractive keratectomy procedure helps in treating a variety of refractive errors; it includes myopia or nearsightedness, hyperopia or farsightedness, and astigmatism. Some other irregularities of refraction in some individuals can also be treated by using this procedure. If a person, suffering from any type of refractive errors, has corneal tissue which is well suited for the method then a person is an ideal candidate for the procedure. Person’s age is another factor that decides whether a person is an ideal or good candidate for the procedure.

It becomes very important to have proper consultation session with expert eye surgeon. Expert examines all things, evaluate and calculate all reports and then suggest what procedure to undergo. In Sydney, people can find eye clinics where highly expert eye surgeons offers variety of laser eye treatment procedures to people suffering from different types of eye problems and refractive errors.


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