3 most common misconceptions about cataract

When it comes to an eye related problem or complication like cataract, it is not uncommon to find people suffering not only from the disease but also from certain kinds of myths or misconceptions which basically tend to cloud their decision making capability and tell facts from the fiction. You will find a lot of people suggesting, for instance, that cataract is a layer of cells that grows on top of the eye, and then there are others who tend to believe that cataract surgery could only be performed when it almost becomes impossible for the patient to see objects because of this problem. So here are some of these myths and along with the real truth and facts, which will clear the clouds of doubt and help you see things clearly as to what this problem is all about.

• Myth 1: Cataract grows on top of eye

Fact: Cataract is basically a collection of protein fibers that tend to get deposited on the lens of the eye, and this lens is not located on top of the eye but within it. This lens is basically comprised of water and certain protein fibers that are arranged in such a manner that it looks transparent so that the light can easily pass through it and reach the wall of the eye behind it, called retina. With age, these protein fibers clump together and get deposited around the lens. This is what causes blurred vision, making it difficult for the person to focus on the objects clearly.

• Myth 2: Cataract is removed through cataract laser surgery

Fact: This sort of myth is not only common in Sydney but around the world. However, the simple fact is that laser surgery does not remove cataract because as mentioned earlier, cataract does develop on the surface of the eye but within it. The cataract surgery, therefore, involves not the removal of cataract but the breaking up of natural lens and then its removal through a special instrument. This lens is then replaced by artificial lens.

• Myth 3: Cataract grows back after the surgery

Fact: This is again a misconception because in most cases cataract never develops again. However, in rare cases a patient can develop a secondary cataract but it can be easily treated with laser eye surgery.


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