3 Lasik myths dispelled

There is absolutely no limit when it comes to the myths or misconceptions related to the very popular lasik vision correction treatment. The treatment has been around for decades now but misconceptions continue to pop up every now and then from somewhere or the other. However, it is expected that as the treatment would become more and more common in the coming days, these sorts of myths will be finally put to rest. Here are some of the most common and prevailing myths that you need to now. If you want more clarity on these misconceptions,simply schedule an appointment with a good laser eye surgeon in Sydney.

• Myth 1: Every individual is a good candidate for this surgery

Fact: This is not true at all because there does exist a small percentage of population that does not quality for lasik vision correction surgery. People who have very thin or thick cornea are not ideal candidates for such a procedure. Also, the ones who are suffering from some serious eye related ailments should also stay away from such a treatment at all costs. People who have serious diseases such as diabetes or autoimmune disease should also avoid such surgeries as it can do more harm than good for them in the long run.

• Myth 2: Lasik surgery is very painful

Fact: It is not true at all because this treatment is in fact as painless as any treatment could be. Anesthetic drops are used for the purpose of numbing the eyes during such a procedure. After the treatment, some people do experience a sort of gritty sensation in their eyes but one must not worry about as it does not last for a long period of time. In most cases, people experience little discomfort during or after the treatment.

• Myth 3: Lasik treatment can lead to blindness

Fact: There has never been a single case of lasik blindness in Sydney or any other part of the world till date. However, that does not mean that this surgery cannot lead to some complications, but their percentage have been negligible. It is important to find a good surgeon who you can trust and go for the treatment without any sort of fear or apprehension in mind whatsoever.

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