3 myths about cataract debunked

You must have learned about cataract when you used to be a kid in school. You might have been told that cataract is nothing but a sort of thin film that gets developed in front of the lens of the eyes, which leads to unclear and blurred vision, and sometimes blindness as well. But is there anything else that you have learnt about this vision related problem till then? If you have now been suffering from this dreadful vision problem or if you are finding yourself at the receiving end of this vision impairment then you might have already started researching a bit about the treatments on offer to treat this ailment.
What is unfortunate is the fact that with such a lot of information available through a variety of sources these days, it is quite difficult to discern or differentiate facts from myths. So here are some of these myths about cataract and cataract surgery that will be debunked through this post, which in turn will help you develop a better understanding of the treatment options available to you.

• Myth 1: Cataract can easily be dissolved with the help of eye drops

Fact: Cataract should never be treated as a film or some sort of a substance. Therefore, it cannot be removed or erased from the eyes with the help of eye drops. Also, FDA has not approved any type of eye drop or medication for the removal of cataract. The only treatment that has been approved by it is LASIK cataract surgery.

• Myth 2: Progress of this ailment can be easily reversed

Fact: Again, this is nothing but a misconception because of the simple fact that ones the lens is clouded by chunks of protein over a period of time (which lead to cataract), there is no way that this process can be stopped or reversed. The only option available to treat this problem is to replace the lens with the help of eye surgery in Sydney. However, what you can do is to slow down the process a bit by taking balanced diet and save your eyes from exposure to sunlight and UV rays.

• Myth 3: Cataract will be back after the surgery

Fact: As mentioned earlier, cataract is not a substance or film that develops over the lens but it is basically a part of the lens itself. So once the lens is removed through it, building of cataract over the new lens is next to impossible.


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