A brief description of eye floaters

Have you experienced some spots, fragments or cobweb like structures floating in front of your eyes? Then chances are that you suffering from a condition called eye floaters. These structures usually drift in your field of vision, often tempting people to chase them but to no avail. Fortunately, most of the people usually suffer from ordinary eye floaters which are not at all a cause of worry, as they do not disrupt the vision of a person in any manner whatsoever. However, if your problem is serious, then you must visit an eye specialist who can diagnose and advise a treatment program to get rid of this problem once and forever.

Eye FloatersSo, what exactly causes floaters of the eye?

Human eye has a gel like liquid present inside which is called vitreous. With age, this vitreous humour begins to degenerate. This degeneration leads to inconsistency in the vitreous, making it much more watery than ever before. There is also a lack of uniformity in the structure of vitreous, which makes one part more solid than the other. It is this solid part that breaks down into small pieces and floats around the eyes. This leads to floaters.

Sometimes, these pieces can sink to the bottom of the eyeball blurring the vision. This can be a very irritating and bothersome experience as the condition makes people feel that there is something present in the corner of their eyes, but they fail to spot anything.

The good news is that the condition can be treated, provided you consult an eye specialist.




What are floaters

what are floaters

Floaters are deposits of various sizes and refractive index which are located inside the vitreous of patient’s eyes.

Have you ever experienced those spots in your vision which no matter how much you chase, appear to be drifting away? Then you probably might be suffering from a common eye related condition called floaters. The problem can prove quite annoying, especially if those spots or thin blackish lines floating in front of your eyes are growing bigger with the passage of time. The good news for you, however, is that even though the problem might be bothering you a bit but it is not a problem that should give you worries. Moreover, there are certain treatments available these days which can help treat this problem and remove these spots from your vision once and forever.

But the question that might be troubling you is what floaters are. Well, the interesting thing about this disease is that although it is termed as floater, but those spots and lines are not exactly moving. They are basically deposits of various sizes, refractive index and mobility, which are located inside the vitreous humour of patient’s eyes.

They are usually transparent in nature. They do not have any fixed shape and can appear in a variety of forms as well as sizes. Some people merely see spots while there are others who have floaters in the form of cobwebs, fragments or threads. The common tendency of people is to chase these spots, but what they fail to realize is that they move with your field of vision.

So, the best way to get rid of floaters in the eye is to visit an eye specialist.