Are you surrounded by these laser eye correction myths?

If you are suffering from any vision related problem such as myopia, hypermetropia or astigmatism, then you can get rid of the problem by going for an advanced vision correction treatment called LASIK, a treatment which has become quite popular in the recent times. However, there are a lot of people who appear to be apprehensive about the idea of undergoing this surgery. Most of it is because of some unfounded beliefs that often instill some doubts and fears in their mind. In case, you happen to be facing similar sort of concerns and finding yourself sitting on the fence as to whether laser correction surgery is a good option for you or not, then read the next few paragraphs which will introduce you to real facts and help you approach the treatment with confidence.

One of the major reasons why many people do not go for the surgery is because of the misconception that a LASIK surgery can lead to permanent loss of vision. If this is what you also tend to believe then what you probably need to know is that there has never been a single case reported where LASIK surgery has resulted in temporary or permanent blindness. In fact, the risk of going blind from this surgery is as much as the risk of loss of vision from wearing glasses or lenses.

However, that does not mean that you can approach just about any eye specialist for the treatment. You should always consider skilled and experienced hands as it is your vision which is at stake. Having said that what you also ought to know is that there is a tapering learning curve in every profession. So, once a surgeon has passes that learning curve, it is the quality and not the quantity of procedures that become an important point of consideration. Therefore, not only must you give experience its due consideration but also make sure that you do not ignore the quality of his or services while choosing a surgeon for such an important and life changing procedure.

Another popular myth is that any individual who wants to get a LASIK laser correction surgery done can go for it. The fact is that there are a small percentage of people who are not ideal candidates for such procedure. So make sure you do get your checkup done to figure out whether you can go for the surgery or not.


Improve your eyesight with laser treatments

Eyes are the most beautiful part of the human body because they act as the window to the world that we see around us. The real value of your eyesight would become apparent to you when you would start noticing that your sight or your vision is failing. Before the situation becomes critical you should go in for a safe method of treatment where you would be sure that your eyesight will be back to normal and that too without any side effects or harm to your body and eyes. Glasses are a solution but they can even cause problems. One needs a lasting treatment after which one would not need glasses or lenses and there would be nothing standing between them and their vision.

In such cases you can get a lot of benefits from laser treatments. Lasik is one of the safest treatment methods in the world today and you would be able to get the best procedure done with professionals. In Australia this treatment is available at perfect Vision. It is a very organized center for treating different kinds of eye problems like floaters in the eyes and other things. This is a state of the art treatment method which is very safe and the level of risk involved in this plan of treatment is next to zero. You should be aware that with the advance in technology it has become possible to treat much of the problems that one might face with laser. This stands true for your skin and body and is also true for your eyes. This is one of the best alternatives available for getting perfect vision and for ensuring that your eyes remain healthy.

Keeping your eyes healthy is as important as the other parts of your body because without that you would not be able to enjoy any of the sights that surround us. That is why the lasik laser surgery is preferred by most people across the world. This laser also has no side effects and would not cause you any damage in the long run. The procedure for this treatment is very simple. It is performed with the help of state of the art ilasik laser equipment. It emanates a thin beam of light or a laser light, which is focused on the part of the eyes where the treatment needs to be done.

Get the best treatment for your eyes

Your eyes are very valuable for you and without them you would find it difficult to enjoy the beauty of the world. Of course the discussion here is not about how you would feel when you are not able to see anything at all, but try and envision a blurry world where nothing is clear. The argument that you can improve your vision with glasses is not valid because you would have the unnecessary burden of always having to carry your specs and lenses around. This would not be freedom and you need a treatment method where you would be liberated from this need of always having to carry around such peripherals. At such time you should consider a procedure where you would be able to get laser correction done and get your eyes treated completely.

Such treatments become necessary when they determine the health of your eyes. Another fact that should be of concern is that everything you do has an effect on your eyes. So god nutrition is very important and this highlights the need for a very safe and risk free procedure of treatment. Laser surgery for eye is one of the safest and most effective ways by which you can get a solution to all these eye problems. The laser treatment is non invasive and no surgical and thus there is a higher degree of reliability in the procedure. There are only some precautions that you would be required to take before and after the procedure but apart from that you would be able to resume your life as you want. There is less risk and you would find that you would not require any pre treatment care or post treatment care.

This and certain other factors make it very popular among people who want to get their eye sight back without having to use any spectacles of lenses ever again. The laser correction method is one of the only methods of eye treatment that is 100% custom made. Thus the unique topography and quality of your eyes can be incorporated into the treatment. It can be customized as per the needs of the person who is undergoing the treatment and so you would be able to get focused and very sustainable results. The professionals who do the procedure would first create your personal vision profile and would then create a cornea flap. This would then reinforce the benefits of the treatment.

Get rid of glasses with laser eye surgery

In case you are suffering from any vision related problem such as hypermetropia (far sightedness), myopia (near sightedness), astigmatism or cataract, then you should give laser surgery a serious thought. This vision correction treatment has come as a blessing in disguise for the people who want to restore normal vision without having to spend their monies on glasses or contact lenses, which often prove to be uncomfortable. Moreover, you need to exercise extra caution to ensure that they remain scratch free for the longest possible time, which again is not as easy a task, especially if you happen to be an outdoorsy person with high levels of physical activity. So if you happen to belong to this category, then laser eye surgery is the best option on offer for you.

However, you might have some questions or doubts related to this eye laser surgery, which is quite natural. After all, it is your vision that is at stake. So you need to be extra cautious while making any decision or jumping to any sort of conclusions whatsoever.

One such question that often troubles a lot of people going for the surgery for the first time is that do they run the risk of going blind after the procedure. This is an obvious concern, but the fact remains that millions of people have undergone the procedure in the past couple of decades and there has not been a single case where the treatment has resulted in permanent loss of vision. Instead, the success rate of this procedure is very high with more than 90% people experiencing perfect results and more than 95% being able to drive easily without putting any sort of glasses or contact lenses.

As far as possible complications after the surgery are concerned there are a few but they are not very serious ones, for you to be worried about. The lasers used in this technique help in reshaping the cornea so that a person’s normal vision is restored. The lasers are so fine in nature that the chances of the occurrence of any post operative complications are next to none. Even if you do experience certain problems such as dry eyes or glary vision, it can easily be corrected with eye drops and other medicines.

So if you seriously want to throw away your contact lenses and delicate glasses once and forever, then go for this laser eye treatment and see this wonderful world with perfect vision.


What are floaters in the Eye?

Have you recently started seeing some web or spots like structures floating in front of your eyes? Then you might have been suffering from a common eye related problem called floaters, which affects millions of people across the globe. Moreover, almost every individual tends to get affected by this problem at some or the point during his or her life time. The term floater is actually a catchall term that is widely used for threads, webs or specks like structures that appear in the field of vision of humans on an occasional basis. However, the problem occurs when these floaters begin to appear on a frequent basis because they can very much be a warning signal for wear and tear happening inside your eyes. Therefore, in such a situation, it is best to seek the advice of an experienced and reputed eye specialist who can diagnose the problem and treat it before it causes further damage to your eyes.

So what are floaters?

A floater can actually be described as a cluster of cells or protein that gets deposited in the white portion of eye ball called vitreous humor. Vitreous happens to be a very clear and stable gel like structure that covers almost 70% of eyeball. It acts as a pathway for light to make way through it as it reaches the retina through the lens of human’s eyes. It remains very much connected to retina, which is again a cluster of cells which are very sensitive to any form of light. It is located right at the wall of an eyeball and is responsible for capturing images and then sending it to the brain through a group of nerves called optic nerves.

So what you see as floating in front of your eyes is not actually floating but the shadow that is casted on the walls of retina due to deposition of proteins or cells in clusters. This is the very reason why they move along with the movement of all eyeball as you just cannot escape or catch them. And it is precisely because of this reason that they tend to be zooming away the moment you try to focus on them.


The good part, however, is that they are harmless. However, if they have begun to trouble you more often than not, then it is best to see an eye surgeon who will treat the problem using highly advanced treatments which are on offer these days.

Eye Floaters: When should you seek medical assistance

Eye floaters is a common vision related problem that a majority of human population encounters at some or the point in their life time. These floaters might appear in front of your field of vision in a variety of structures such as spots, webs, specks, etc. which often appear to moving aimlessly. A lot of times they prove to be annoying, especially when their size is considerably bigger which in turn makes it difficult for you to focus on certain objects. However, most of the eye floaters are harmless and do not require any sort of medical attention.

The reason why they occur is because the white fluid in your eyeball called the vitreous humor develops certain clogs inside it. This creates a bit of inconsistency in the gel. The clogs cast a shadow on the walls of retina, which in turn appear like structures or webs floating in front of the eye, and no matter how much you try to chase, you fail to catch them as they move along with the movement of your eyeball.

You might notice that these floaters become much more prominent or pronounced when you happen to look at a very bright object or light. Sometimes, these structures keep on moving and do not stay still when you try to catch a glimpse of them by focusing on them. The reason that they move with your eyeball makes them appear as if they are drifting away, making it impossible for you to chase them down.

Although in most of the cases floaters are harmless, there are situations where immediate medical attention is required. For instance, if you begin to see shower of floaters in front of your field of vision accompanies by certain light flashes, then you must seek advice of an eye specialist as soon as possible. The sudden occurrence of such symptoms could very well suggest that the vitreous humor has begun to pull away from retina. It might also suggest that retina has started to dislodge from the walls of the eye that supply blood and other important nutrients to it. A torn retina can lead to the invasion of vitreous inside it, often pushing it out of the walls. This can prove to be a very serious situation and even lead to loss of vision permanently if you do not seek immediate medical attention.

So make sure that you do not take eye floaters lightly when you experience such symptoms.


What are floaters all about?

What are floatersHave you ever spotted web or peck like structures floating in front of your field of vision, which tend to flit away the moment you try to chase them. The experience can be quite frustrating, especially when these structures begin to obstruct your vision. However, you might wonder if you happen to be the only person suffering from such a condition. If that’s the case then you might feel a little comfortable after knowing that there are millions of people across the globe who suffers from such a vision related problem, which is termed as floaters or flashes. In fact, stats suggest that 7 out of every 10 people experience this problem at some or other time in their lives. And the condition is not only found in people who are past their prime but even teenagers as well. In most cases, it is not considered as a very serious medical problem. However, if you are experiencing multiple flashes or floaters then it can actually be an indication of retinal tear. In such a situation, it should be treated immediately or it could lead to permanent loss of vision.

What exactly is the reason behind the occurrence of floaters? And what are floaters?

As you would already know, our eyes are filled with a gel like substance called as vitreous humor. It is this substance that helps maintain the shape of our eye balls without obstructing the passage of light to reach the walls of retina. Retina is located right at the back of our eyeball. It is composed of several nerve cells whose job is to perceive visual signals. When this gel like structure called vitreous gets older or some of the gel gets shrunk or thick, it leads to the condition we call as floaters or flashes. When the light passes through this shrunken gel, it tends to form a shadow on the walls of retina. It is these shadows that appear in different shapes such as webs or spots in front of our field of vision.

There are many reasons behind the creation of shadows. One of the common reasons is the formation of protein clumps. This is a common condition and most people often ignore them. Sometimes, floaters are also caused when blood vessels located in the retina get burst leading to minor hemorrhaging. This condition sometimes creates floaters that often appear as dots in front of our vision.