Causes of floaters in the eye

Causes of floaters in the eye

Eye floaters are small dots that are floating in the eye. They can impact our eye vision by blocking part of the light rays entering our eyes. Most are harmless and simply annoying, but some may indicate something more serious.


Some important facts about laser eye correction surgery

Millions of people around the world who are a bit too keen to get rid of their glasses are opting for laser eye correction surgeries these days and getting some fantastic results. If you want to join this bandwagon but are not too sure as to what this laser procedure is all about, then this article is just for you. In the next couple of paragraphs, we are going to introduce to the basics of laser procedures along with other useful information which will help you make the right decision. So go through the article and educate yourself to make an informed decision.

Laser eye surgery, which is being offered in Sydney and almost every city of the world these days, is a procedure that involves the reshaping of a clear, round dome located at the very front of our eyes called cornea. This reshaping leads to better focus of light on to the wall of eyes called retina. This, in turn, improves the vision and helps us view objects with absolute clarity.


However, before you undergo the surgery, it is important to be aware of certain facts related to it. The first thing that you need to know is that since the surgery involves the reshaping of cornea, which is among the most delicate parts of eyes, the results of the procedure cannot be reversed. So you have to be absolutely sure of your decision before signing on the dotted line. Also, like most surgeries, there are certain risks of complications associated with laser eye surgeries. For instance, some people who have undergone the surgery complain about dry eyes or night glares. So talk to your eye surgeon about the possible side effects before making the decision.

Another fact about this surgery that you need to be aware of is that it cannot give you a 20/20 or 20/30 vision. You can expect the results to be somewhere in between these numbers but it is seldom perfect. So if you think you can indulge yourself in activities which require perfect vision after the surgery, then you might have to face disappointment.
If you are suffering from hypermetropia, or long sightedness, then you will not benefit from the surgery. Also, the results of this surgery are not permanent. Although most of the people who have undergone the surgery have not felt the need to wear glasses, but you might be required to undergo the surgery a few years later.

So keep these facts in mind before undergoing this laser eye surgery in Sydney.

Avail the best laser eye surgery for an improvised vision

Eyes form an important part of human body and treating them to the best when in need is essential for a clearer and an improvised vision. Even a minute trouble in your eyes requires immediate attention and treatment by which you can cure higher end eye problems and deficiency. This page will clear all your doubts with respect to surgery for your eyes.

eye sergury

Surgery for eye

What is eye surgery?

An eye surgery deals with treating your eye organs and undergoing all those procedures as prescribed by the ophthalmologist in order to sharpen your vision and abstain from sight issues. Such a surgery has to be performed with at most care as the eye organs are very sensitive and delicate. The experts see to it that you receive the right anaesthesia and treated with complete care as the eye region is totally nerved. There are many types and technologies used and coming up when it comes to a surgery for eyes. Contract eye surgery, Glaucoma surgery, Canaloplasty, Refractive surgery, corneal surgery and vitreo retinal surgery are a few to name.

What is laser eye surgery?

Among the types of eye surgeries, laser eye treatment is such that you will be exposed to rays in order to shape your eye surface to be fit for a healthy vision. This way, if you are facing any short sightedness or long sightedness, can be cured in a very effective way. When in Australia, you no more need to worry about your eye problems. Simply reach an eye surgeon and he will help you in curing your eye sight issues.

Laser eye surgery, Laser eye treatment, Astigmatism, myopia and monovision treatment are a few to be mentioned that these eye clinics in Australia deal with. The experts here see to it that you get the best result at the end of a surgery. You need to approach a reputed eye consultant, discuss with them about your issue, and follow a pre procedure and then a post procedure appointment such that you gain back your vision in the right and an efficient way. When it comes to special treatments with advanced technologies, you no more need to worry about the charges as this is the best when in Australia. You can also join in other benefits and schemes for patients provided at your consulting edge, to have a lifetime offer and support.

Common questions related to LASIK eye surgery

A lot of people across the globe who are suffering from vision related problems are opting for LASIK eye surgery. And there are many who are laying their entire hopes on this advanced surgical treatment to get rid of all their vision related problems. However, despite the immense popularity of this surgical treatment, a vast majority of population still is not exactly aware of what this surgery is all about and whether they are the right candidate for it or not. So through this article, we will try to answer some of these important questions.

At Perfect Vision Laser Correction we understand that no two eyes are the same.

At Perfect Vision Laser Correction we understand that no two eyes are the same.

What is Laser Eye Surgery?

It is basically a medical procedure that utilizes highly advanced lasers to reshape the cornea which is located inside the eye. The surgery proves quite effective in the treatment of different eye related problems such as near sightedness or myopia, long sightedness or hypermetropia and astigmatism which is usually the result of uneven curvature of the eye’s surface.

Would I be required to undergo anesthesia during the treatment?

No, the highly advanced laser technology being available these days has ensured that the patient undergoing the laser surgery can remain conscious. However, mild sedatives might be given to you so that you can get rid of all your anxieties prior to the surgery and go through it in a relaxed state of mind. Your eyes will, however, be anesthetized with topical numbing drops during the surgery.

Would I need a patch after the surgery?

No, LASIK surgeries are highly advanced surgical treatments. So there you will have to wear a patch which used to be the case earlier when such treatments were not available. However, you will have to wear eye shields at bedtime for at least a week so as to keep your eyes protected.

What kind of tests will be done before the surgery?

It depends on the condition of your eye and your overall health condition. Consult your surgeon who will provide you with all the guidance related to the tests that need to be conducted prior to this surgery for eye.

Are eye drops required after the procedure?

Again it depends on how sensitive your eyes are. Some surgeons suggest artificial tears after the surgery as it usually leads to dry eyes. Certain eye drops may also be recommended to you in order to promote tear production in your eyes.