Laser Eye Surgery Procedures in Sydney

Laser Eye Surgery is also known as Laser Refractive Surgery. New and advance technology has combined with medical science to launch or introduced more effective ways to cure problems that humans suffer. Laser based technique is being used for several treatments. And one of them is treatment for eye-problems, refractive-errors. Type of laser surgery for eye can help many people get rid of their glasses and contacts. This procedure corrects different types of refractive errors, problems and eye-diseases. This treatment procedure is performed by expert eye-surgeon and the result-success rate is higher. It gives effective and desired results by correcting vision so that patients can have clear and correct vision without using glasses or contact lenses. In any which ways, it is important to have a detailed evaluation and frank assessment. Consultation with eye-doctor is much important. Without consultation going under any such surgery is completely wrong. In Sydney, no doctor would start any such surgery without a consultation session with patient. Approaching highly expert eye-surgeon, following all his suggestions, advices, instructions and taking best care of eye, can eliminate such risks and problems. Although all types of laser surgery are done by reshaping certain layers of the cornea. It a clear dome at the front of the eye. But different eye-problems are treated by performing different laser procedures. Following are some eye-problems that are treated by laser surgery:

Cataract: The lens of the eye can become clouded by aging. This clouded lens is known as cataract. It can be removed and replaced by an artificial one. And this can be done using laser treatment procedure.

Glaucoma: This is a condition caused by increased fluid pressure within the eye. This can impinge on the optic nerve. In results a person suffering with Glaucoma may face blindness. Medical practitioners or can examine this type of problem of glaucoma by checking intraocular pressure. Laser refractive surgery can be performed to treat this problem that actually thins the cornea.

Dry eye syndrome:  By aging eyes produce fewer tears. A substantial drop in tear production can cause dry eye syndrome. This may result in itching, burning, and a scratching sensation. Generally, this problem is more common among women. Women find this problem often after menopause. Laser refractive surgery is performed to treat this type of severe dry eye syndrome.


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