Understanding Laser Eye Surgery

Eyesight and good vision can either make or mar the quality of anyone’s life. The conventional method which is used to correct vision is contact lenses or spectacles. Due to the advancement of technology, there are certain effective procedures available which are great and effective too. But not too many people know what is laser eye surgery? Laser surgery is one of the methods which are also being used today to correct vision. The laser light is aimed at the cornea, iris and the pupil. For instance, in correcting the condition myopia laser is set so that the thickness of the cornea can be decreased. This will make for the eye possible to bring images into focus in the accurate manner.

Different types of therapy

There are 3 types of laser eye surgery. The latest type of the therapy is known as ‘Lasik’ in this process a flap is created by cutting the cornea layer, this in turn allows the laser  to aim tissues  beneath  after that flap is placed back and it regenerates naturally. The result in this type of surgery is immediate and vision is restored in a short time.

Second type is ‘Lasek’ surgery. In this method epithelium is removed to reveal cornea after that cornea is formed by laser. The outer layer of cells is pushed back and the eye heals shortly after.

PRK is the third method and is commonly used   for many years. The procedure involves removal of the epithelial cells on the eyes. While lasik treatment is used to treat myopia and laser is used to correct myopia from mild to average stage.

How safe is the laser surgery?

Most of the people are unaware of the question, what is eye surgery? And how safe it is? Generally, these treatments are safe and due to the advancement of technology, these are considered as the best alternatives. There are few conditions in which patients cannot undergo eye surgery such as illness with joint and bone, pregnancy, diabetes etc.

Today you are going to find the popular eye care center is from where you can get treatments. On the website you can even find out whether you are eligible for the treatment or not. There are huge conditions which they can treat such as monovision, vision correction, astigmatism and much more. To know more about this effective therapy you can visit the website. You can even book a consultation on the website.


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